Ta’ Pennellu is a family-run restaurant, owned by eldest son, Anthony, affectionately known as Pennellu after the family nickname and for his artistic abilities (‘Pennellu’ is a derivative of ‘pennello’, which means brush).

By combining his artistic talents with the art of cooking Pennellu has found his niche, passionately cooking various dishes inspired by the culinary experience he garnered over the past 15 years. This passion for concocting recipes started as a little boy when he used to listen to his sailor grandfather pass on recipes he came across during numerous faraway voyages, to his wife. As a child, Pennellu was impressed by the way his grandmother adapted these recipes using local ingredients.

This restaurant is a dream come true for Anthony. His vision for the restaurant is not only to strive for perfection but also to delight his patrons whom he regards as part of his extended family.


30 May 2013 - (Past Event)
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