• Arrabiata¬†(garlic, tomato, mint and chilly)
  • Marinara (al olio/al pomodoro, assorted fish, garlic, tomato sauce and herbs)
  • Zucchine e Calamari (calamari & zucchine, flambe in Brandy and Lobster bisque)
  • Pasta Bolognaise (mixed with Angus Beef)
  • Nanna's Home-made Ravioli (al pomodoro / al burro con salvia e parma)
  • Gozitana (garlic, sun dried tomatoes, olives, local sausage, rucola and parmesan flakes)
  • Alfredo (bacon, cream, cheese and parsley)

You can choose from Dry Penne or Fresh Tagliatelle for an extra cost. We also cater Gluten Free Pasta (extra cost).
Ask for the Chef’s Special Pasta of the Day.


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